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WIRE BENDING with high capacity

We can offer you wire products in automatic machines from ø1mm to ø10mm. If you need stamping, pressing, chamfering, threading or drilling, we do it for you. Everything with optimal efficiency. “BENT WIRE – THE ONLY RIGHT THING”.


We have good possibilities to automate the production of your wire products, for example welding or stamping in direct connection to the wire bending.



We master several different methods to produce your wire product.


CNC-BENDING: Often the fastest way to start with new products. We produce in flexible, programmable machines with existing tooling. This means low start costs and quick deliveries. This method is also suitable for samples or prototypes. We have 5 different CNC-bending machines, all of them with unique specialities.


HYDRAULIC SLIDE MACHINES: We have the possibility to build and produce your products in hydraulic- or mechanic slide machines. This means longer start time and start cost but the advantage is more cost efficient manufacturing. Often suitable for larger volumes and demanding tolerances.


Several of our machines are integrated with industrial robots to be able to move or do more processing on the product without human hands.